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B-LINQ started as a kid because he fell in love with the DJ gear a friend bought, but when he got older he developed his own music style. He started with some cheap CD players and got into the real DJ Business, Now he is producing his own remixes and songs and plays in the big clubs and discos all over the world.

He loves to play hits that everyone knows in his mixes and wants everyone to have a good night. Not only the music is important, but also the big show around the music. B-LINQ loves to interact with his audience and really make the crowd go wild!

Along the way B-LINQ really had to fight up to compete against all those DJ's. Started in local pubs B-LINQ soon realized that this wasn't what he wanted. Contacting clubs and radio stations got him where he is today! From big clubs like Amnesia to beachclubs and festivals, B-LINQ loves to meet new audiences every time.

But there is still a lot to come! Working on some brand new releases and working together with big names like Mitch Crown, Jay Hardway, K-LIBER and many more is a drive to get even bigger! So it is for sure that B-LINQ will not stop untill he is at the top!